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  • 1985 South American Under-16 Football Championship

    Wout Weghorst brought back the tension with a goal in the 83rd minute and scored the equalizer in 101st minute of the (extended) regular playing time, resulting in extra time being played. After a goal from Nahuel Molina in the 35th minute, Argentina went into the half with a 0-1 lead. Messi gave Argentina a […]

  • Costa Rica National Football Team (Men)

    Before then, there were matches between the champion of one city against the champion of another, but now clubs from Istanbul, İzmir and Ankara could play against each other for the first time in a league. It's time we narrowed the gap between rich and poor. 5 – Yusuf al-Hani is hanged in Beirut for […]

  • List of Argentina – Brazil international matches

    In 2019, OSM not only introduced a new main character, but all characters were completely revamped. The new, more realistic characters are more human-like. England were knocked out by Argentina in the quarter-finals, including Diego Maradona's famous Hand-of-God goal. The club defeated Atlético Madrid in the final of the European Cup II 5-1, including two […]

  • Germany National Football Team 1980-2023

    The eliminations of Brazil and Italy were nothing short of sensational, Spain, Chile and France also disappointed. From the early nineteenth century, the city has suffered much from sieges and bombardments by the United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal, Brazil and Argentina. The town was founded on July 28, 1865 by 150 Welsh immigrants, argentina jersy who […]

  • International Argentina National Football Team 2023-2023

    Since then, the country has dropped six positions. Six other UEFA member countries managed to get a better position in the ranking in June 2014; those were England, Italy, Switzerland, Portugal, Germany and number one Spain. Six other CAF member countries achieved a better position in the ranking in June 2014; these were Cape Verde, […]

  • 2023 Football World Under-20 Championship

    The Argentinian footballers arrived in Buenos Aires in the night from Monday to Tuesday. The bus tour of the Argentine football players through Buenos Aires has been cut short. Agostina Araoz (23) bursts into laughter while waiting for the bus in Barwa Barahat Al Janoub when asked how she got from her hometown of Buenos […]

  • Buenos Aires Cricket & Rugby Club

    My debut in the first team at ADO or a transfer to another great club was in the offing, but that was all gone. During his time in the ADO youth academy, Leverland was given the opportunity to make a nice transfer through the front door several times. At first there was explicit interest from […]

  • It was the French SEC Bastia

    Under the guidance of national coach Bobby Robson, Fenwick made his debut on May 2, 1984 in the game against Wales at Wrexham, as did Mark Wright (Southampton). His most famous match was against England in the semi-finals of the 1968 European Championship. After first outplaying his direct opponent Ray Wilson, he tricked Bobby Charlton […]

  • 3 Dietz 4 Russmann

    On December 1, 2017, the group stage of the 2018 FIFA World Cup was drawn. Argentina was placed in group D together with Iceland, Nigeria and Croatia, and therefore received Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Saint Petersburg as host cities. On December 6, 2013, the group stage of the World Cup in Brazil was drawn. In […]

  • Top 10 Greatest Soccer Players Of All Time

    The big rival is Newell's Old Boys, the other club from the city of Rosario. In the second round they collide with old rivals England and were able to advance to the quarter-finals after the penalty shootout. Argentina's biggest football rivals are Uruguay and Brazil, but it also has a rivalry with England and Germany. […]

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